Mazda Owner Loyalty Program

Mazda Owner Loyalty Program

Owner Loyalty Program
We want to reward you for being a Mazda driver!

With a brand like Mazda that’s always innovating and evolving it’s no wonder we have such a large percentage of customers who continue to choose Mazda cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans, time and time again. Driving performance, safety and reliability, style and affordability are all reasons our customers love the Mazda brand, and keep turning to Mazda when it comes time for their next vehicle.

As an incentive, Mazda also has an enticing rewards program called the Owner Loyalty Program, which encourages and remunerates existing Mazda owners with preferred rates and special offers up to $1000 for new and Certified Pre-Owned Mazda cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans, as well as for the purchase of accessories.

The program is a great way to show our valued customers our gratitude for their repeat business, and offer an incentive to continue as part of the Half Way Motors Mazda family.

Customer eligibility
You are eligible to take advantage of the Mazda Owner Loyalty Program if you meet one of these conditions:

  • Current Mazda Owner
    ◦ You’re currently a Mazda car, truck, SUV or minivan owner
    ◦ This program applies to new and pre-owned Mazdas – you don’t have to be the     original owner!
  •  Family Member of Mazda Owner
    ◦ You’re the family member, and reside at the same address, as the Mazda            vehicle owner. (Government-issued ID must confirm same residential address.)

In both cases proof of ownership of the Mazda vehicle must be presented (copy of ownership in customer’s name).


Vehicle eligibility

The following Mazda vehicles are eligible for the Owner Loyalty Program:

  • Any new Mazda car, truck, SUV or Minivan.
  • Certified Pre-Owned Mazda vehicles, financed or leased through Mazda Financial Services.
  • Fleet deals are ineligible for the Owner Loyalty Program.


Program elements – New and Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

  • Qualifying customers are eligible to receive the specified rate discount published by Mazda Canada off standard rates or the published Mazda Canada subvened lease and APR finance program rates. The interest rate cannot fall below 0%.
  • Owner Loyalty offers are non-transferable and may be extended at Mazda Canada's discretion.
  • Owner Loyalty Program is on top of any discount that may be offered by dealers to their valued customers.

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