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OUR COMMITMENT IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19   Half-Way Motors Mazda cares deeply about the health and safety of our clients and our staff. We have taken time to evaluate our processes and have mad...Read More

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The Door Lock Mode controls which doors unlock when you hit the “unlock” button on your key fob. To change this function to your prefrences, use your HMI commander to go to Settings on...Read More

Mazda connect is a next-generation connectivity system that enables you to safely enjoy the convenience of your smartphone while driving. Setting up Apple Car Play is simple. Plug your phone charg...Read More

Thunder Bay is notorious for two things: leaving things to the last minute and getting unpredictable weather! As temperatures are dropping, we want you to stay safe on the roads and start thinkin...Read More

The new Mazda6 received a significant award this month as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the American organization responsible for assessing the safety of new vehicles going on sale i...Read More

To try and imagine a time without crossovers on the road is almost impossible. As they take over the auto industry one compact, AWD version at a time, manufacturers like Mazda look on as the origi...Read More

Well think again. The Mazda3 first appeared on the market well over a decade ago, and since then it’s grown exponentially in both popularity and as a vehicle. Well-priced and fun to drive, what...Read More

If you’ve been shopping for a new vehicle recently, you may have heard the terms active and passive safety and wondered what they referred to. Hopefully, this article will help you make some sen...Read More